A sheepskin is so much more than a rug

If you thought our sheepskins are simply rugs, let me put this straight…Our fabulous, genuine and natural sheepskins serve a whole host of different purposes. They’re not only pretty (and soft and fluffy and lovely to cuddle), but actually good for you too…

sheepskin sofa

While genuine, natural sheepskins are indeed fabulous as rugs for all areas of the home, they also have the following (non-exhaustive) uses other than rugs:

  1. Baby carrier & car seat linings – excellent for babies as they’re hypoallergenic, naturally warm and breathable
  2. Baby roll/crawl mat – as above and keeps them off the hard floor and they love the feel of it
  3. Dog & Cat beds – your dog/cat will always gravitate to the sheepskin and leave everything else alone! Also good for older pets with arthritis
  4. Chair throws – great back-warmers
  5. Blankets/knee warmers – perfect if you’re chilly or have aches and pains
  6. Chair mats & bench warmers – never have a cold or un-comfy bottom again. Also great if you have back of hip issues
  7. Wall decoration – they look lovely as a feature wall hanging
  8. Car seat cushion – great if you have a bad back, hip or are on a long journey

Our genuine sheepskins are beautiful and come in a range of colours and sizes. You may be surprised to learn that they’re actually machine washable, so highly practical; hypoallergenic – so great for pets and people with allergies and naturally warm and comfortable.

They’re also incredibly good value. Take a look at our range here.