A box of sheep & a box of bags!

If you saw my Facebook video earlier, you’ll know I’m very excited this morning as I just received not one, but TWO boxes of very special items for you! A box of sheep and a box of bags!


Super-soft Sheepskins

The box of sheep contained amazing sheepskins, a sustainable and ethical by-product of the meat industry. Beautiful sheepskins dyed to various colours and available in different sizes… I currently have 6 colours in these adorable, tactile and super-soft sheepskins.


Coloured leather and suede totes

These new totes are so lovely – simple, practical, colourful, soft – 8 colours each.  Great long handles, internal (attached) zip up pouch for your valuables.  The leather one is £45 and the suede one is £40. £3 to post.


See the Facebook video HERE for all the details, colours and more…

To order,  please contact me.

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